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olivewoode product 

olivewoode product  we are a Tunisian company established in 2015 specialized in olive wood articles manufacturing.

We are a Tunisian company established in 2015 specialized in olive wood articles manufacturing.We are a team of young qualified artisans inheriting this craft from our ancestors. olivewoode product .
Our manufacture is located at a region called “Gargour” in Sfax city, a coast city, in Tunisia, famous with its olive trees and the high purified quality of its olive oil exported to the whole world.
When starting our project, we care for the local community and especially women labor not only  that  but we also care  for the nature and environment. South Store products are eco friendly : trees are continually being replanted to replace those old and non  productive trees.  In production of some of our articles, we use the pruning branches to preserve the olive trees. We use this technique especially in producing the rolling pins and in mojito muddlers.
In South Store, we use only the finest wood from the best and oldest non-productive olive trees. The wood is dried up in the air for three years at least. Therefore, there is no doubt about the durability of these olive wood products.
Our products are handcrafted by skilled artisans who care for the details of each piece to give it a unique style and character. Our designer team works reveal a special combination of Mediterranean charm with modern elegance.
Our search for excellence is a never-ending process overseen by the careful judgment of skilled team of designers and artisans.
olivewoode product 
We carefully evaluate each and every product and we do not use any additifs no substances during the production process so the sake of ensuring a natural shine and longevity of the olive wood product.

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